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To achieve exellence in the public service by providing services to the clients efficiently and effectively.

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To provide a service in line with the government policies, uplift the life styles of the society through a planned, efficient development process consisting of proper co-ordination of resources and participation of the people.

Road Map

The best way to go to Divisional Secretariat Madulla is from Monaragala town and go 7Km to Ampara side in the Monaragala-Ampara A4 main road and turn left from the Obbegoda Dambagalla Junction. Go 6.5 Km along with the Mariarawa road and in the right side the Divisional Secretariat Madulla is located before 150 m from the Dambagalla Town.

Take the Mariarawa, Migahapitiya, Thabana, Baduluwela buses, If  travelling by bus from the Monaragala Town.

Other Approaches :-

  • From Bibila (16 km) or from Moneragala (24 km) come to Medagama town and after 14 km on the road in front of Medagama National School you will come across Dambagalla town. The Madulla Divisional Secretariat is located on the left side of the road about 150 meters from the Moneragala road. A bus also runs on this road from Bibila to Meegahapitiya via Dambagalla.
  • From the 4th or 6th post on the Siyambalanduwa - Ampara road, you can reach Mariarawa via Alugalge, Polgahagama (about 7 km) by the by road that runs over the Muthukandiya Reservoir bund. About 13 km from there you will find Dambagalla town.

Place Location Based Information

Madulla Divisional Secretariat is the second largest Divisional Secretariat in the Monaragala District of the Uva Province of Sri Lanka, comprising 675 square kilometers bordering the North.

It is bordered by Rambaken Oya to the north, Iginiyagala Senanayake Samudra to the east, Galoya National Park to the west and Hada Oya to the south.

Madulla Divisional Secretariat which has a population of 32147 is divided into 38 Grama Niladhari Divisions and 139 villages.

The elevation of Madulla Divisional Secretariat, which borders the northern part of the Moneragala District, is about 81-29 North latitudes 81-29 and the longitudes 6-57 and 7-28 Eastern Districts and the land area is north-south. All areas except the central part of the land are composed of waves and isolated rocky mountains. Among them are Galoya, Nilgala, Ratugala, Danigala and Maragala mountains.

The northeast monsoon brings rains to the dry season, where there is no rain for more than half of the year. About 40% of the total land area of ​​the division is covered by intermediate low climate and the area is fed by water bodies such as Rambaken Oya, Hada Oya, Namal Oya and several small scale reservoirs.

In addition, Iginiyagala Senanayake Samudraya, which borders the Ampara District, is a major economic and environmental resource. Its size is 19250 acres.

Madulla Divisional Secretariat can be identified as a land area with a strictly non-urbanized environment with a socio-economic and cultural background, with a diverse forest cover of 48% of the total land area and integrated with the primary agro-economic pattern.

Madulla Divisional Secretariat can be identified through 04 agro-climatic zones. The dry zone lowland agro-climates are found in the northern part of the region and the annual average rainfall in this region is less than 35 inches with a dry climate for 6 months of the year. The average annual rainfall is about 45 inches. The Southwest Panel is a region with high climate transformation features. The western region of the Southern Hemisphere shows climatic features in the Mediterranean and Intermediate Mediterranean. Rainfall here varies from 50-55 inches per year. Deep reddish brown fertile soils are prevalent in dry climates and reddish yellow soils and lowland soils are found in inter-climatic zones.


Divisional Secretaries who have served up to now

Name From To
K.M.P.Thennakoon 1979.07.01 1988.02.08
D.M.S.Abaya Gunawardana 1988.02.09 1992.08.20
H.A.Ariyadasa 1992.08.21 2002.05.15
M.G.A.Thilakarathna 2002.05.16 2011.08.07
A.G.R.M.Jayathilaka 2011.08.08 2012.07.10
K.H.A.K.Nishantha (ACT) 2012.07.10 2012.08.22
R.M.R.S.Thilakarathna 2012.08.23  2018.08.01
S.C.Weerakoon 2018.08.02  

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